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Photo: (c) / Rawpixel (image #664979006)This week the Supreme Court of the United States of America upheld the Trump administration’s ban on people from seven majority-Muslim nations entering the US.

This week at least 2000 children are still detained away from their undocumented parents after having been separated at the border. Plans are being made to house families that *can* be re-united, together. Indefinitely.

This week we learned that the administration has cancelled an eight year old policy designed to protect oceans from a repeat of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

This week -- today as I write the story is unfolding– five journalists were murdered at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Maryland – after months of Mr. Trump calling the news media the “enemy of the American people,” and two days after Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos urged people to “start gunning down journalists.”

It is a weary, frightening time in our beloved country. Some days I am tempted to despair.

But maybe we were called into community for just such a time as this -- a time of injustice; a time of fear; a time when the world needs light.

For such a time as this we will need to gather our courage, remember who and whose we are, ground ourselves in God’s love, and rely on each other and the great cloud of witnesses. We will need to remember that the struggle for justice is the struggle of a lifetime but it need not be a lonely struggle. For such a time as this we will need to remember that we really only have a few jobs while we are here on this planet: To love God and to love each other. So…

Take care of yourself, attend to your spiritual life.

And then get out into the streets.

And that’s it.

Our strength comes from the inner journey toward joy and the outer journey of justice. The two move in tandem.

(John Fugelsang and Diana Butler Bass in conversation)
Move inward, move outward. Take breaks. Take heart and be of good courage. We are not alone.
In Solidarity and Hope,


This vivid painting in the narthex is by local artist Joe Riso and is on loan to the church by member Chris Christensen.

Joe Riso Painting

Check out Joe's website at

Chris reports that Joe is teaching as well as painting as he is supporting himself and his young son.

A summary of remarks presented at the June 24 Annual Meeting.

DavidJohnson2016I have truly enjoyed being your Moderator over the last 4 years. While it has been a lot of work, it has also been fun and rewarding. When I accepted the position, however, I had no idea how many challenges our church was going to face.

First Pastor Rick retired. We threw a party, we raised $15,000 to give him and his wife a parting gift. I know that they left with very good feelings about this congregation.

We went nearly 6 months without a pastor. We brought in guest speakers, but primarily we drew upon the immense talent in our own congregation. And we did just fine.

We set up a Pastoral Search Committee. They worked long and hard. We had a great many very qualified applicants. This was a prime job opening.

We may not be large, but have no debts and have a very engaged and passionate congregation.

We hired a new pastor. We managed to work out all the financial details. We then had to adjust to someone new. Pastor Jeanne made it easy. She has incorporated new ideas and ways of doing things – yet left our basic structure intact – so that our church still feels as much like HOME as it always has.

We then raised enough money to put on a new roof. When the company said they didn’t have the manpower to build it last year – our strong negotiating team made sure it got done – and at a reduced price. So we had money left for new speakers, restroom updates, and sprucing up the exterior.

Then our long time piano accompanist left and we were faced with how to restructure the music program. The decisions weren’t easy, especially with limited funds. We have had music that has been relevant, inspiring, varied, and lively. Over the past 6 months I think it has been the best music since I’ve joined church.

We have continued to support our long time causes as well as add new ones. In July we will start fundraising to send our youth and adults to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota next year. We are now seriously studying Immigrant issues.

We have faced and successfully met all our financial challenges. In January we projected a budget deficit for 2018 of $15,000. How are we doing so far? For the first half of the year – our deficit is only $1,500. We have a ways to go, but we are so much better off that we thought we would be. Two years ago we created a Contingency Fund for emergencies. That fund now has $20,000 in it. We hope to add to it each year.

Sadly some of our members have passed away or moved away and we miss them. But we are NOT a church in decline. We continue to see new faces. We are thriving and we are active.

We, as a congregation have faced many challenges over the last several years. I believe we have come out stronger than ever. If we tackle the next four years with equal enthusiasm and commitment we will continue to be a home for those who want to explore their spirituality and also have a positive impact on the lives of those both near and far.

Will Fuller, ModeratorModerator – Will Fuller

Will has been a member of Kairos-Milwaukie UCC since 1992, when he joined the Southwest UCC in the basketball court of the Franciscan Renewal Center, and is looking forward to serving this marvelous congregation as moderator.
He is retired, so has time to volunteer also with Elders in Action as a personal advocate and board member, go to Africa House on Thursday mornings to help elders use the Internet, serve on the Equity Committee of Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc (SWNI) coalition of neighborhood associations, and be treasurer of Community & Parents for Public Schools.
He has North Carolina roots, but has lived in Portland longer than anywhere else (39 years) and before that over 30 years in Southern California.
He’s been married to Edith for nearly 50 years, with one child, Kieran Spencer, who lives in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, and four Canadian grandchildren ranging from 17 to 22 years old.
He walks regularly, enjoys good friends, good books, good conversation, good jokes and the good Lord.


Joanie McClellan, Vice-ModeratorVice-Moderator – Joanie McClellan

As a retired teacher/adjunct professor, and tourism marketing executive, I am currently a civil rights activist and member of the ACLU and various organizations that support immigration and refugee rights including the rights of all repressed and occupied people, especially Palestinians. 

I am a member of Kairos’ chimes choir and the UCC Central Pacific Conference’s Justice and Witness Ministries team, and have a Master’s degree in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University. I enjoy being with my six grandsons, traveling; hiking, singing, dancing, theater, reading and writing (poetry and journaling).



Kristin Calhoun, TreasurerTreasurer – Kristin Calhoun

Kristin and Tom have two young adult sons, Nate and Drew. She is the sister of Adair Law and lives in North Portland. Kristin served on the KMUCC Pastoral Search Committee. She is the Public Art Director for Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) with over twenty years of experience in the field of public art. She loves the variety of communities and types of projects that are inherent in managing public art projects for the City of Portland and Multnomah County and other private & public clients. She enjoys speaking to groups about public art regionally & nationally, and is an admitted policy wonk. Recently she has worked on several Portland Parks & Recreation projects including the national Public Art Network award-winning Portland West Moreland Nature Play. Her latest projects with Portland Parks include the South Waterfront Greenway, Dawson and Luuwit View neighborhood park. She is the founding manager of in situ PORTLAND & Night Lights, a series of projections on the side of the RACC offices, and an artist residency series with Portland Archives & Records Center.


Linda Ricketts, Community OutreachCommunity Outreach Ministry – Linda Ricketts

Linda lives in Vancouver, WA. She is retired from work for pay as Postmaster with U S Postal Service. Now volunteer as Convention Chair for Washington Chapter United Postmasters & Managers of America (UPMA). Copyrights, licensing and job postings.

Serves on the Board of Directors, United Church of Christ Musicians Association (UCCMA).
New Chair of Kairos-Milwaukie UCC Ministry of Communication and Outreach.
In charge of dinners at Hoyt St; former co-chair of Community Life Ministry, Kairos-Milwaukie UCC.
Roots: Born & raised in Seattle, spent most of working life in & around Spokane WA & North Idaho, moved to Vancouver WA in 2010.
My DNA says I am Scotch, English, Irish and German at the very least!
Family: I have one son, Cory, and a daughter, Jodi. I have been a widow for 11 years.
What I do for fun and renewal: Enjoy concerts of many different types of music. Go to the beach as often as possible. Do more volunteer work!


Janice Salyers, Member-at-LargeMember at Large – Janice Salyers

Recently retired from JC Penney and searching for a new calling. My roots? Mostly British with a touch of everything else thrown in- a little French, Irish, Welsh, Spanish and Dutch mostly. My husband Dan is the love of my life!!

Kids? Tim is my awesome stepson, and Marc and Chloe are ours together. Gary and Jeanie Salyers are my in-laws and surrogate parents (mine have been gone for awhile now). I have 5 grandkids whom I adore!- Jordan, Hunter, Nadaline, Brody and Odin!!

For fun? A little of everything, but I love all things art and music! I play the guitar, the piano, and a number of other instruments, though not as well or as often as I used to, I like to draw, paint, make cards, and learn different languages. Currently I speak English, Spanish and French, but I’m trying out Italian next. I like to go hiking, and most of all I love to travel!! Diversity means the world to me, and I want to celebrate it every day!

hikesAny and all are welcome to join for fresh air, movement, and conversation.

Saturday, July 28 at Elk Rock Island in Milwaukie, Oregon

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