Minister's Memo April 2018“By the light of this day, God has planted a seed of life in us that cannot be killed, and if we can remember that, there is nothing we cannot do: move mountains, banish fear, love our enemies, change the world.

“The only thing we cannot do is hold on to Jesus. He has asked us please not to do that, because he knows that all in all we would rather keep him with us where we are than let him take us where he is going. Better we should let him hold on to us, perhaps. Better we should let him take us into the white-hot presence of God, who is not behind us but ahead of us, every step of the way.”

Barbara Brown Taylor, “Home by Another Way”

If we pay attention to the news, the world often feels like Holy Saturday – bereft of God’s presence and nonsensical. But we gather every week to claim and proclaim the promise of Easter and to pledge as a community to live into the resurrection life, letting Christ take hold of us and lead us on. 

During this Easter season we’ll listen for the Spirit to lead us as we worship, live and learn. Together we’ll

  • Participate in Interfaith Power and Light’s “Charged with Faith: Leading the Way to a Clean Energy Future” initiative and celebrate Earth Day.
  • Learn about the work of IMIrJ (Interfaith Movement of Immigrant Justice) and join forces with other local churches to respond to the needs of immigrants in our community.
  • Gather to explore the Second Amendment, learn about Oregon’s gun laws, and find ways to work for a world in which weapons are finally turned into plowshares and human lives are valued more than access to weapons of war.
  • Gather to plan KMUCC’s first in a long time Service Learning Trip. I’d like us to offer an intergenerational trip that will help our youth and young adults experience service and solidarity with people living in unjust situations; to taste both the struggle and joy of discipleship and to know themselves part of the Beloved Community.

Giving thanks for Christ’s presence,

Every step of the way.


Let me keep my distance, always,
from those who think they have the answers.
Let me keep company always with those who say
“Look!” and laugh in astonishment,
and bow their heads.
~Mary Oliver, in “Thirst”

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