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June 25-29, 2018

A small but intrepid band of Kairos youth plan to travel together to Hawaii next June for a gathering of UCC youth from across the western region.

Once there, we’ll worship, learn, serve and play alongside 3000 other progressive Christian youth and their adult leaders!

The youth will be working to raise funds for the trip this spring starting with a Baked Potato Lunch on January 28, immediately following our congregational meeting.

Photo: (c) / NatanaelGinting (image #48653354)Minister's Memo for January 2018

For many of us, the cold, gray, heavy-skied northwest winter closing in after the joy of the holidays can echo a season of the soul that is listless.

Still in the words of UCC Pastor and writer Mary Luti, “the church has entered a different season – Epiphany:”

A season of signs, it starts with a star in the east and ends with fire on a mountain.

A season of voices, it starts with directions in a dream and ends with acknowledgment from a cloud.

A season of unveilings, it starts with a glimpse of baby skin and ends with a display of gleaming garments.

A season of worship, it starts with the homage of kings and ends with the prostration of

In the dead of winter, the church gives us God-sightings, gives them as if to persuade us that our world only appears .., still, dark, and cold, but is in fact stirring all the time, ardent, vivid, and porous.*

As we gather through this season of epiphany to study, worship, sing, and pray together let’s stay awake to all that is ardent and vivid, ready to participate with abiding hope in the work for justice and peace.

*Mary Luti, “Epiphany: Hide and Seek with the Divine,” posted 12/28/2017 on her website Sicut Locutus Est

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