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Green Tambourine Band

The completion of the new roof merits a celebration!

Please join us as Pastor Jeanne leads us in a blessing of the beautiful sanctuary roof. This will take place after the service on Sunday, October 8th. Please invite family and friends. Efforts are also underway to invite those in our church neighborhood.

Come partake in what is shaping up to be a most delicious barbeque. We will supply the meat (and a vegetarian option) and salad. The remainder – side dishes, breads, desserts – will be potluck. Feel free to contribute if you like (something to feed 6-8 people would be appropriate). There will be plenty to eat, so if inviting friends – they need not feel obligated to bring anything.

Live music from the band Green Tambourine will certainly enliven the festivities. They donated their time for one of our fundraisers and really rocked with great 60s music. They had many up and dancing. We welcome them back and thank them for being there when we really needed the help.

We are hoping for nice weather, but will proceed even if faced with inclement weather. But ideally, we can be outside and enjoy some sunshine, share a meal and be warmed by some toe-tapping music. If the weather cooperates, you might want to bring lawn chairs to provide more outside seating.

We want this to be a special celebration. We as a congregation have accomplished so much this year. We raised an enormous amount of money to complete the roof project. We went through the process of selecting and welcoming a settled pastor. We have grown under Pastor Jeanne’s leadership, and I believe she has grown with the leadership provided by the members of our congregation. We have a lot to give thanks for and to celebrate!

New Roof 2017The roof is complete! The skylights weren't damaged, no one was injured, and it survived our first big rain storm.

An immense thanks to everyone in the church who contributed to getting us here.  And thanks to the Bliss Roofing Company for eagerly and carefully getting the job done on schedule and under budget!

And the roof is paid for!  The total cost was $64,450 which is about $10,000 less than originally quoted.  The roof fund drive earned about $2,000 more than the original price leaving us with about $12,000 surplus in the roof fund.  Since this money was raised for building improvements, the church council decided to use that surplus for building related projects.  The specific projects have not been selected yet, but the council has agreed to fund some smaller pressing issues like downspouts and drainage repair, stump removal, level the uneven concrete, sign and parking lot lighting repairs, and improvements to the women's bathrooms.

Some projects have had progress already.  We have cleaned the downspouts and underground drain pipes of debris, and repaired wood rot in a roof soffit that was caused by water around a gutter debris buildup.  Parking lot trees have been trimmed to allow school buses access.  Robyn Crummer-Olson has arranged a contractor to remove the stumps.

Photo: (c) / allanswart (image #524997189)At last weekend’s annual meeting of the Central Pacific Conference, clergy and lay delegates were invited to consider where the edges, boundaries, and new places of our life together as church might lie, and to remember together the well of life.
I wasn’t a perfect meeting participant, a bit distracted by all the talk about talking (we do that well in the UCC). But as I thought about what feels like an edge or boundary for us here at KMUCC in the next year I thought of two things: exploring whether we want to claim and live into an identity as an officially Immigrant Welcoming Congregation, and committing ourselves to outreach to the community.
Of these two things, the second may make us feel even more shy than the first. Conversations about complicated justice issues can be threatening, of course, and we are never perfect at them. But there seems to me to be a deep level of trust among our congregation.
But… Tell other people about our church? Invite others to join us? “Advertise??” Why that sounds almost like…. Evangelizing.
Now THERE is a word we in the progressive church are uncomfortable with! But I think it is a word, or at least a concept, that we should take back as we engage wholeheartedly in sharing the life of our congregation with the world.
Not to convert people, but to welcome them. Not to change people, but to open ourselves to mutual growth.
Because here is the truth as I see it. While we live in such difficult times, but have each other and the joy and consolation of coming weekly, daily, to the well of God’s unending love, it would be selfish not to share what we have received. There is much to resist in the world, and power for living, rest for the weary, and solidarity for the journey in the gospel.

Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, 14 but those who drink of the water that I will give them will never be thirsty. The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life. John 4: 13 - 14

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