RoofWorkSept17They have started work on the roof!

On Friday Aug. 25th, a crew from Bliss Roofing started covering the skylights on the east side of the sanctuary and building some deflectors to route roof debris from the roof.  Several roofing crews are going to start tearing off the old shingles on the eastern two faces of the roof (opposite the parking lot).  There are actually two layers of the shingles to be removed, one that you see, and an older hidden layer of wooden shake shingles. After removing the old shingles, they will put down a layer of plywood and then a waterproof underlayment and then the new shingles.  They will be nailing wooden ledges to the roof every 5 feet that the workers will stand on and they will also have safety ropes.  They expect these two faces of the roof to take 1-2 weeks.

When they are done with those 2 eastern faces of the roof, then they will do the two faces of the roof facing the parking lot.  These 2 sides will take another week or two.  So the whole job will take 3-4 weeks. 

The workers that I have talked to seem excited about the project and its challenges.  They are working at figuring out the best way to do things so the job gets done safely and done well.  That makes me feel good.

We will have some inconveniences while the work is going on.  There will be equipment and supplies around the church, on sidewalks, and in the parking lot.  The skylights will be covered so the church will be darker (a blessing on hot days!).  If you have to park on the street, please be careful approaching the church.

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