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Imagining a Better Tomorrow

Saturday, May 6, 2017
10:00 a.m. to noon

Join science fiction writer and educator Arwen Spicer for an interactive workshop designed to open up conversations and reflections on a future we would be proud to leave our children. Through guided writing exercises and group discussion, we will shape and share goals for human society. Each participant is encouraged to develop her or his own vision: our goal is exploration, not consensus. While the workshop focuses on theoretical societies, ideas generated can serve as guideposts for practical social action.

Exciting things continue to happen in our church.

We expect to have a successful spaghetti dinner and concert on April 30th. Many thanks to Linda and Kathy for taking charge of the dinner and to Dan Balmer and his family for their donated gift of music. These events will add to our Roof Fund, and should push us past the $73,000 mark. On May 7th we have the opportunity to participate in the Walk-a-thon for the Northwest Pilot Project – please join us.

June 4th we will celebrate Jeanne’s installation as our Pastor and we will welcome other UCC pastors and officials to join us for this special ceremony. It will commence at 3pm and we expect it to be a very joyful time with plenty of music and food.

On June 11th we plan to have a Friends and Family Day. We want to share how this church plays such an important role in our lives. It isn’t about trying to get new members, but rather to let people we care about know more about us. Howard will design postcards you can hand out to your friends – giving the date, time and address - and a telling a little bit about our church. Sunday schoolers will be encouraged to bring a friend. The bulletin boards and mission room will highlight the many missions of our church. I know of at least 10 friends I can invite – some are members of other churches, some non-churchgoers. I encourage you to reach out. I am anticipating a full sanctuary.

On June 25th we will have our annual Congregational meeting to elect members to the Church Council. If you are interested in serving on the Council please let Robyn know by June 11th – she is the Chair of the Nominating Committee. At the Congregation meeting we will conduct the election and have an Annual Report available. This report will include submissions from all of our various ministries summarizing the past year. The meeting will be held immediately after the worship service.

I thank everyone for their continued involvement in our church. We value each of you – you contribute so much to making this a wonderful community to be a part of.

In her lovely new book, “Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy,” Anne Lamott retells the story of a village in Senegal whose water supply had dried up. The women of the village, having seen a vision of a lake beneath the sand of their arid area, tried to convince the men to allow them to dig. After initial resistance the men relented, let go of their rigid gender roles, and allowed the women to dig (although the men were still skeptical).

[The women] dug deeper, and deeper. Deep is so un-American now, even radical. We live too often like water skeeters on the surface of the pond, dropping down for a quick bite of insect or e-mail. Deep is the realm of the soul. (p. 116)

They dug for a year, and did not lose hope. The women dug and dug, and now their villages – and 16 surrounding villages --are supplied with a well and a water system and irrigation for their crops. They began in a circle, seeking a solution and listening. “There is such a depth to listening, and an exchange, like an echo from inside a canyon....” (p. 113). And they ended in transformed roles, new expectations, and renewed, flourishing life.

Going deep is so difficult. Going deep is the only thing that will save us. There is such a temptation in our social media saturated world to skip along the surface of the pond, responding to every tweet, Instagram or snapchat, getting emotionally wrecked by the shallow but intense news. I am filled with gratitude for all the deep dives in our congregation: our Green Team, member care team, mission team, each deeply committed and grounded.

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