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Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm


Rockin' for a Roof!

At Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ, 4790 SE Logus Road, Milwaukie Oregon


Green Tambourine is Portland's unique 1960s band. Their set list spans the greatest hits of that decade, including songs by Jefferson Airplane, the Beatles, Mamas and the Papas, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, Elvis, and many more. These versatile musicians excel in singing leads, switching instruments, blending tight harmonies, dancing onstage, and inspiring audiences to sing and dance along. Their vintage costumes and choreographed dance moves add an extra element of authenticity to the decade they represent. Audiences of all ages enjoy their shows.


Join us for this special musical event and help us put a new roof over our Sanctuary!

$15 suggested donation

These are difficult times in America. Many of us are dismayed at what feels like the beginning of a fascist chapter in our history. Day after day I find myself restlessly picking up and putting down my phone, checking on the news, sighing, fretting.

My younger son watched me for a few minutes the other day and said, “Mom, why don’t you go to Cathance in your mind for a few minutes” – part of our old bed time routine for anxious or over-tired children. He was right. I was both anxious and over-tired.

Cathance Lake

Cathance Lake is a place where five generations of Bodmans have been going every summer for years and years. It’s an ancient place -- far older than our family’s love of it. Before Europeans ever came to this continent the Passamaquoddy people were fishing there. Year after year the ice goes out in April, the loons return to nest and the salmon come home to spawn. Year after year the beavers build their lodges in the coves and the outlet stream and the eagles circle high overhead. Year after year the stillness of the water at sunrise gives way to the whitecaps and winds of the early afternoon.

It is one of my deep, rooty places and all I need to do is close my eyes and breathe in and I am once again blessed by it and reconnected to the deep, ancient place in my soul where I can hear the Spirit.

I am sure that you too have those places that help to ground and center you and reconnect you to the pulse of God’s love for the universe, for this world, for that place,
for you.

And I hope that KMUCC is one of your deep, rooty places. Not just the building with its rich store of memory and the echo of years of prayer-filled, grace-filled living, but even more importantly, the circle of loving people waiting here to pray, seek, learn, grieve and rejoice together.

KMUCC is gift indeed, and it is one I hope we will work on sharing with an anxious, seeking world in the months ahead.

Two Cents A Meal

CETANA StudentsCetana Educational Foundation is our 2 Cents a Meal recipient for January, February, and March 2017. Education with emphasis on English language training is what Cetana is all about and has been for over 20 years.

For decades Myanmar/Burma has been beset by political repression, violence, economic exploitation and poverty. With the national elections in 2015, tentative steps toward democracy were begun and continue. Another key to democratic reform, especially for a country that has been isolated so long, is the ability to participate in the world community. With a national language that is not understood elsewhere, plus 135 ethnic languages and dialects, the English language is the path to the international community. English proficiency provides educational opportunities, access to print and electronic publications, and conversation with the world. Coupled with the ability to think critically (as opposed to rote learning and thinking) the educational efforts are powerful.

Ethelyn Pankratz, our church office coordinator, served as Executive Director of Cetana in the mid 2000’s. She and Loren have both visited Myanmar. A photo display is mounted on a bulletin board outside the Circle Room.

Clackamas Service Center

For more than 40 years the Clackamas Service Center has alleviated the effects of poverty, increased food supplies for the needy, and promoted self-sufficiency among the poor of Clackamas County. Thank you for the 304 pounds of food, clothing and miscellaneous items this reporting period.

Photo: (c) / hidesy (image #8594144)As many of you know, Jeanne Randall-Bodman, our Pastor, is what the UCC calls our “Designated Pastor.”
This is a transitional time, when we build a meaningful and supportive relationship, a successful partnership with her that we envision will result in a transition to “Settled Pastor” sometime between three months and two years after she came to Kairos-Milwaukie in March 2016. Think of the process like an engagement and a marriage. This is a time of mutual exploration, where we build bonds of trust and support.

There are three remaining steps in the transition:

  1.  The Council decides at its February 19 meeting, by a majority vote, that she is a good fit with the congregation.
    If she agrees, then we proceed to...
  2.  A congregational meeting in early March, where the congregation decides, by a 2/3 majority, to call her as a Settled Pastor.
    If she answers the call, then we proceed to...
  3.  An installation service in April or May, depending on the Conference and our calendars, where she is installed as our Settled Pastor. The installation service offers a joyous opportunity for the congregation to celebrate the conclusion of a search process, to give thanks for new pastoral leadership, and to welcome the new pastor to the community, the Association, and the Conference.

Between now and the February Council meeting, please feel free to get to know Jeanne better, meet with her to answer any questions you may have, and reflect on the relationship you want.

The Pastoral Relations Committee members are also available for your written or verbal comments.
We are: Macy Guppy, Mary Anna Stoffer, Kristin Calhoun from the Nominating Committee, and
Will Fuller, Chair.

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