Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ

Photo: (c) iStock.com / sigoisette (image #859630472)New Year, New Ideas

After a vivid Christmas season of lovely music and rich services, we move to Epiphany on the 6th and the slowing time of mid-winter. Our congregation has demonstrated a variety of valuable offerings, and there is more to come. Membership, however, is declining a bit, which encourages us to spread the word of our value. Reach out and welcome new members, friends and acquaintances to come to church with us and experience for themselves what keeps us coming and becoming a uniquely welcoming congregation.

Grand Sanctuary

As an Immigrant Welcoming congregation, we support sanctuary for refugees and immigrants caught in an increasingly hostile process. Sanctuary, however, means more than help for refugees. A sanctuary is a safe, sacred space for all people, where we worship together in a warm, supportive environment. This broader term is something I am calling Grand Sanctuary. This is not just protection against oppression or unjust harassment, but freedom to be yourself in a sacred place to worship a God who loves you just as you are.