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The mission of Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ is to worship God and to share the teachings of Jesus Christ, to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of each other, and to advocate for peace and justice throughout the world.

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Ministry of Spiritual Life

This Ministry supports the Pastor in the spiritual life of the church by assisting with the administration of sacraments; preparing the sanctuary and other settings for worship services; ministering to the spiritual needs and interests of the church membership and the wider community; advising the Pastor regarding aspects of the worship services; introducing new members into the life of the church; providing opportunities for maintaining a faithful membership and vital congregation; arranging for Sunday morning greeters and ushers; arranging for worship leadership in the absence of the Pastor; and overseeing the music program and uses of other forms of art in the church.

Ministry of Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds has responsibility for the care and custody of the church property, including maintenance, remodeling, repair and upkeep of the church building and other structures; gardening and landscaping tasks, repair and maintenance of walkways, and maintenance of the parking areas; maintenance of all church equipment, kitchen appliances, heating equipment, custodial equipment, lighting and other fixtures; and arranging for regular custodial and cleaning duties.

Ministry of Christian Education

Christian Education is responsible for the church educational programs; arranging for and training Sunday school teachers; selecting the curriculum to be used and any equipment or supplies needed.

Ministry of Mission and Social Action

This Ministry coordinates the congregation’s mission outreach in the local community and beyond by seeking out and identifying opportunities for mission service; enlisting support for the Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM); designating special offerings throughout the year; and making distribution recommendations to the Council and congregation for any unallocated special collections. Read more here (click).

Ministry of Community Life

Community Life seeks ways to strengthen the fellowship of the congregation. It is responsible for developing, recommending, and assisting with the implementation of programs for continuing and strengthening fellowship among the membership; making arrangements for weekly coffee service following Sunday worship services and other congregational mealtime occasions as may be planned; maintain the kitchen and serving supplies through purchasing and housekeeping.

Ministry of Community Outreach

Community Outreach seeks ways to increase the membership of the congregation; the integration and welcoming of new members into the life of the church; overseeing the dissemination of information and publicity throughout the community, and production of press releases, and special mailings to the community, unless provided for by other ministries or committees.

Statement of Openness and Affirmation

Open and Affirming

Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ is a community of faithful people who have known the joy of having been loved, accepted and affirmed by God. We are a community that celebrates our diversity as a way to understand and respond to the inclusiveness of God's love and the wideness of God's mercy.

We are many individuals, yet we are one body in Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus are the foundation upon which we build our ministry and the base from which we seek to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly in the world. We work together in the light of our faith in Jesus Christ to develop, celebrate and lift up relationships that are rooted in love, nurture, respect, and trust. We believe that human sexuality is a gift of God that enriches our lives and deeply touches the sacred in each person. We believe sexual expressions of love and nurturing are one way through which we experience the grace and tenderness of God.

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Kairos-Milwaukie UCC has a long and proud tradition of service to others.  Our intention is to develop lasting relationships with those we support. Members and visitors alike feel welcome in bringing an idea, a personal passion or group forward to the Ministry Team. Our congregation generously and wholeheartedly provides support with time, money and other acts of the heart.

The Mission and Social Action Ministry is responsible for and coordinates the congregation’s mission outreach in the local community, and both nationally and internationally.

We are proud to be a “5 for 5” congregation – supporting all five of the United Church of Christ denomination-wide offerings: Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), Neighbors in Need, The Christmas Fund, One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) and Strengthen the Church. Learn more about these programs at the United Church of Christ website.


Based on words, statements and impressions of our members.

We are a beloved community,
Kairos-Milwaukie United Church of Christ.

We are friendly, hidden, open and affirming,
casual, opinionated, musical, welcoming, progressive,

Christ-centered, family extended, mission minded,
flexible, thoughtful, joyous, genuine,

a laugh a minute,

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